Mar 302012

**Update:  Some research about Henry Elliott from Courtney Hardman Pearsons can be found here, while additional research from Paul Skinner can be found here.

Courtney suggests that a Henry Elliott who was christened in 1751 in Scotland, and whose father’s name was Adam Elliott may have been our Henry Elliott.  We have no hypothesis, however, as to why and Irish-born Henry Elliott may have been christened in southeast Scotland near Northumbria, however.  Indeed, the record from Scotland shows him born on Jan 6, 1751 and christened less than two weeks later in Scotland on Jan 19, 1751.

Paul suggests that claim that Henry’s son Jabez makes on his marriage certificate that he was born in NY suggests that Henry may have been born in New England rather than Ireland.  The difficulty is that there are many Henry Elliotts in this area at the time.  Paul has narrowed down the possibilities to Henry Elliotts living or born in either Stoningham, CT or Orange, NY.

The known patriarch of Bernard Elliott’s line, Henry Elliott, has many questions surrounding him.  Although I show him as being born in Ireland, that story is fragmented at best.

Since I first established this website in 2008 or thereabouts, I have heard from several people interested in Henry Elliott who have provided questions and data though few concrete answers.  I plan to share that information soon, but want to do so systematically.

One way I will attempt to do so will be in the forums section of this site, and I will soon publish a forum topic around Henry Elliott.  I hope those with additional information regarding Henry will share it on the forum.

An apparently excellent source of information on the Elliotts in Ireland and Scotland is the website, including this history page: