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Establishing a biography for the Elliott family patriarch, Henry Elliott, has been difficult so far.  There is, however, one certain historical document that we can build upon.  This is an 1828 authorization of land transfer of Henry’s military lands recorded in the Court House in Harrison County, WV (or what would have been northwestern VA at the time).

Here are two documents that reflect that transfer authorization.  The first is a summary of the original authorization, and is located in the W. Guy Tetrick Family Records of Harrison County, WV:

On March 21, 1828

“One Jabish Elliott executes a power-of-attorney to Moses Doolan of Vernon, Sussex County, NJ, his attorney to sell his interest in a tract of military land belonging to the heirs of Henry Elliott, deceased.

“On the above Date Sarah Ryland appeared before Jacob Coplin Justice of Harrison County and made oath that she was the mother of Jabish Elliott and that said Jabish is the lawful son of Henry Elliott deceased.”

The original document is from Deed Book No. 8, page 546, in the Harrison County Clerks Office.  Here is the complete transcript of that entry:

“Know all men by these presents that I Jabesh Elliott of the county of Lewis, State of Virginia do make [and] constitute to appoint Moses Doolan of the town of Vernon, Sussex County New Jersey my true and lawful attorney to in my name sell and convey all the interest I have in a certain tract of military land belonging to the heirs of Henry Elliott deceased with power also as attorney or attorneys under him for that purpose to make and substitute and to do all lawful acts requisite for effecting the promises hereby ratifying and confirming all that my said attorney or his substitute shall do therein by virtue hereof in witness whereas I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 21st day of March 1828.

“Sealed and delivered in the presence of us, Wm. S. Mitchell and Robert Lowther, Jr.**

“Be it known that on 21st day of March 1828 before me came the above named Jabesh Elliott and acknowledged the above letter of attorney to be his act and in testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal on the day and year last aforesaid.  Jacob Coplin.

“This day personally appeared before me a justice of the peace for the county of Harrison, Sarah Ryland and made oath that she is the mother of the said Jabesh Elliott named in the power of attorney and that said Jabesh is the lawful son of Henry Elliott deceased.  Jacob Coplin.”

There is, unfortunately, no indication as to where these lands were located.  The fact that Jabez was authorizing their sale by a lawyer located in New Jersey suggest that the land was located there.  But there is a curious entry in the very first deed book there in Harrison County.  It is the seventh entry in deed book #1, page 7, dated Nov.1, 1782.  That entry reads:


Richard Elliott and William Elliott together William Martin, Benjamin Abbot, William Hamilton, Patrick Hamilton and William Haddin received a grant of 1000 acres of land located on the Monongahela River in the county of Augusta and being part of a grant of 3000 acres made to James Walker which was warranted said Walker in consideration of his services performed in the late war between Great Britain and France.

“The above people no doubt were living in the state of New Jersey.”

Elliott researcher and descendant Courtney Hardman Pearson shows Richard and William Elliott to be sons of Henry Elliott, and Jabez as being born in Orange, NY.  I do not have an explanation for the the line of the entry which confidently places William and Richard in New Jersey.

**Note:  The Elliott and Lowther families were quite close at this time.  Two of Jabez’ (1775-1841) sons, Jacob and John, married Lowther sisters and daughters of Jesse Coburn Lowther (1790-1842).  Jesse Coburn Lowther was the son of Thomas Lowther (1767-1816), who was the brother of a Robert Lowther (1765-1832). It is hard not to draw the conclusion that this was the same Robert Lowther who witnessed Jabez’ land sale.

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  1. my great grandfather was william henry elliott wed rosetta perine his children were david jasper, mary birdie,cora,waitman from down around doddridge county. would appriaciate any responce.

    • Doddridge County is certainly the right location for descendants of Henry or Jabez.  Do you have any dates regarding your great-grandfather?  Birth?  Marriage?  

      • william henry elliot was born 1840—died aft aug. 1925. wed rosetta perrine oct 23,1865. lived at arnolds creek, doddridge county, william henry was in the civil war & my cousin recieved his civil war medal. dr. paul douglas skinner. children of william & rosetta are 1- samuel n. elliot born nov.1868 died oct11,1921 2-  jasper david  born1869 died1952. i have visited his home when young.-3- waitman t.(willie) born feb 1871-died dec 1939-4–mary bird bornfeb 1874 died 1937was my grandmother–5- coralee born july1876 died 1967-6–dollie 1878 died 1907-7–edward born 1881-8–james born 1889 was born premature i have a pic of william henry & lil jimmy in his arms. those were hard times in this family. my grandmother was a widow 3 times. she is buried in chillicothi ohio.