Mar 242012

Goldie Reip kept a photo album that was passed to her daughter Nina (Elliott) Nicholas. It contains photos spanning some portion of her lifetime from 1905 to 1938. Some of the photos appear older, however.

Goldie was the oldest of 4 sisters: Maud (b. 1907), Edith (1909), and Merl (1911). Photos in this album may include other members of her family. Her paternal aunts and uncles were Grover, Adam, Emma, William Howard, and Maud Alma. There are also pictures of her grandmother, Luverna Ellen Downey, and also perhaps of her grandfather Peter Reip. Others who may appear in these pages are Peter's siblings' families. His brothers and sisters (Goldie's great aunts and uncles) included Alonza, David, Suzanne, Ira Grant, Gerutia Chenoweth, Elizabeth Jane, and Edith.
Goldie married Bernard Elliott, and there are — not surprisingly — lots of pictures of him in this album. As a consequence there may be pictures of his family here, too. His parents were John A. Elliott and Arminda Hathaway. Their children, besides Bernard, were Roxy, Alva, Watson, Oley, Millie, Florence, and Verna.