Mar 242012

Goldie (or Golda, as it sometimes appears) Reip was the wife of Bernard Elliott. She died in childbirth on Dec. 16, 1938 at the age of 33 with her unborn son, Lewis. She and Bernard had four previous children: John Francis, Maxine, Pauline, and Nina Rose.

She was the daughter of Frank Reip and Victoria Mace. She was born in Calhoun County near the village of Orma on the West Fork. She grew up there at the Reip family home built by Frank Reip, just down over the hill from the Reip family cemetery.

She and Bernard were married on Oct. 27, 1926 in Grantsville. Relatively little is known about her since she died so young. She did, however, keep an extensive photo album that reveals much of her friends and family.

The photo of her on the right is a formal portrait with color enhancement and is currently in the possession of her grand-daughter Michelle Boyce. Since it is a formal photo it is likely to have been taken in conjunction with a special occasion like graduation or her wedding, but there is no evidence of this on the photo.