Watson Elliott


Personal Information

Watson Elliott
NameWatson Elliott
Birth 1881
Death 1976
Bio NotesUncle Watt owned thoroughbred horses and raced them at tracks along the eastern seaboard. He acquired a circle of well-known friends, including FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Upon his retirement he came back to the Elliott homestead on Sycamore and lived with his sister Millie.


Name Birth Death
Verna Elliottasdasds 1893 1989
Florence Elliottasdasds 1884 1979
Roxy Elliottasdasds 1878 1965
Alva Elliottasdasds 1876 1956
Oley Elliottasdasds 1886 1965
Millie Elliottasdasds 1891 1976
Bernard Elliottasdasds 5/26/1888 in Sycamore, WV 3/8/1968
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