Washington Elliott


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Washington Elliott
Name Washington Elliott
Birth 4/27/1820
DeathABT 1900
Comment Count2
Event 1Children: Sarah A. (b. 1843), Henry S. (b. 1845), and George W. (b. 1849)
Event 2Married Dorinda Tingler. See comment below.
Bio NotesSee comments below. Washington's death date of 1852 appears to be incorrect, and he lived to the early 1900s.


Name Birth Death
Henry Elliottasdasds 3/17/1822 in Lewis Co., VA 1908
Mary Elliottasdasds 5/21/1818 1853
Elizabeth Elliottasdasds 5/31/1816Deceased
Benjamin Elliottasdasds 6/26/1814Deceased
Sarah Elliottasdasds 10/5/1812Deceased
John Elliottasdasds 2/22/1811 12/18/1884
Jacob Elliottasdasds 7/16/1809Deceased
Jabez Elliott, Jr.asdasds 9/28/1826 in Lewis Co., VA 1917
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  1. washington married dorinda tingler "drindie"..he also served in civil war…. they had a son named john franklin elliott who married mary swadley moore… there had atleast 2 kids john franklin. and mary drindie..john "frank" elliott married minnie belle simmons….

    • washington was also a furniture maker/finish carpenter, he did not die in 1850's he served in the civil war and died in the the early 1900's if i recall…