Sarah Mottice


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Sarah Mottice
Name Sarah Mottice
Birth 1816 in Stark Co., OH
Death 4/5/1880 in Sandy Twp, Stark Co OH from heart disease, according to the "Record of Deaths, Stark Co., OH"
ProfessionFarmer, according to the "Record of Deaths, Stark Co., OH"
Bio NotesSarah appears as the daughter of Peter in his will in 1852. In the official Stark Co. Record of Deaths, Sarah Mottice born in Stark Co. and died in Sandy Twp. dies of heart disease in 1880 at the age of 64. She is single (unmarried) and born in 1816 although the 1850 census lists her to be 30 at this date which would suggest her birth in 1820 instead. She also appears in the in the Waynesburg Presbyterian Church records. In the records of Peter Mottice's estate sale there are several items identified as sold to Sarah Mottice, and several other items identified as sold to Sarah A. Mottice. I am not sure whether these are the same person and a clerical error neglected the middle initial on some entries, or whether they are two different Sarahs. In either case, I have no information as to whether Peter's daughter has a middle initial "A."


Name Birth Death
Mahala Motticeasdasds 1805 1835
Abigail Motticeasdasds 1799 in PA 1858
Margaret Motticeasdasds 1795 in Western PA near Washington?ABT 2/13/1818
John Motticeasdasds 2/22/1800 in PA 8/14/1878


Name Birth Death
James Motticeasdasds 6/15/1832 in Sandy Township, OH 12/7/1886
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