R. Birchard Hayes Mottice


Birchard’s first wife’s name was Clara Francis Nesbitt, and they lived in or near Berholz, OH. Birchard and Clara had a son, James Edison, and a daughter, Mary Esther.  Through James Edison, they had three grandchildren  — James Edgar, Robert Paul, and Carole Jean (Mottice) Mickley.

Birchard and Clara subsequently divorced. Clara remarried George Speicher from Circle Green, Ohio and Birchard remarried Iva Lewis.

Birchard and Iva lived in New Rumley, Ohio, the boyhood home of General George Armstrong Custer. They had a son, Willard. Birchard dies in his 40s. .

Personal Information

R. Birchard Hayes Mottice
Name R. Birchard Hayes Mottice
Birth 1875 in Waynesburg, OH
DeathABT 1923 from Uremic poisoning
Bio NotesThe family Bible of John C. Mottice refers to "R." Birchard Hayes in its birth records, though Birchard's subsequent family records appear to drop the "R." Given the names of the other children of John C., it nevertheless seems that Birchard was named after the 19th president.


Name Birth Death
William Motticeasdasds 4/14/1870 10/21/1923
James Motticeasdasds 12/1/1879 in Waynesburg, OH 1957
Corah Motticeasdasds 1877 in Waynesburg, OHDeceased
Loretta Motticeasdasds 8/18/1873 in Waynesburg, OH 9/19/1937
Grant Motticeasdasds 12/6/1865 in Waynesburg, OH 03/09/1938
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