Prizila Dieringer


Personal Information

Prizila Dieringer
NamePrizila Dieringer
Birth 5/6/1827 in Rangendingen, Germany
Death in Rangendingen, Germany
Bio NotesPrizila remained in Germany with her sisters Katharina and Felizitas when the rest of her family emigrated to America. She is believed to have married and had a family in Rangendingen.


Name Birth Death
Felizitas Dieringerasdasds 5/29/1824Deceased
Katharina Dieringerasdasds 7/17/1816 in Rangendingen, Germany 11/30/1888
Xaver Dieringerasdasds 12/23/1812 in Rangendingen, Germany 5/10/1885
Magdalina Dieringerasdasds 9/9/1811 1892
Mathaus Dieringerasdasds 11/21/1819 8/18/1898
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