Peter Reip II


Personal Information

Peter Reip II
Name Peter Reip II
Birth 1827
Death 4/1/1898
WifeMalinda Strange
EventChildren: Martin (b. 1854), Mary Jane (b. 1856), Aaron Thaddeus (b. 1858), William Arthur (b. 1859), Julia A. (b. 1863), Levi D. (b. 1866), Silas (b. 1867), Susan M. (b. 1869), Barbara Rebecca (b. 1871), and Thomas Peter.
Bio NotesPer Luverne Hartstine -- Peter and Malinda made their home near Frametown, Braxton Co., WV. They are buried in the old Reip cemetary on Mill Creek.


Name Birth Death
Mary Reipasdasds 1831Deceased
Susan Reipasdasds 3/7/1824 9/24/1878
Katy Reipasdasds 1825Deceased
Barbara Reipasdasds 1815 1863
Jacob Reipasdasds 1/20/1814 3/2/1895
Elizabeth Reipasdasds 5/12/1810 5/1881
Adam Reipasdasds 3/7/1820 in Huntington Co. (now Blair Co.) PA 7/30/1898
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