Peter A. Reip


Personal Information

Peter A. Reip
Name Peter Alexander Reip
Birth 8/25/1856 in West Fork, Calhoun Co., WV
Death 5/15/1929 in Euclid, Calhoun Co., WV
WifeLuverna Ellen Downey (1/24/1878 - )
EventMarried Luverna Ellen Downey on 1/24/1878
Bio NotesPeter and Luverna are buried in the small Reip cemetery on a hill overlooking the former Frank Reip farm on the West Fork.


Name Birth Death
Gerutia Reipasdasds 1848ABT 1924
Ira Reipasdasds 5/4/1864 9/18/1952


Name Birth Death
Emma Reipasdasds 1897Deceased
Francis Reipasdasds 1/25/1879 in Calhoun Co., WV 6/14/1953


Name Birth Death
Victoria Maceasdasds 8/19/1881 in Roane, WV 11/6/1921


Name Birth Death
Edith Kingasdasds 1/25/1909 in Calhoun Co., WV 9/13/1973
Goldie (or Golda) Reipasdasds 7/30/1905 in West Fork, WV 12/16/1938


Name Birth Death
Pauline Elliottasdasds 11/18/30Deceased
John Elliottasdasds 6/6/1927 3/5/2002
Nina Nicholasasdasds 2/10/1934 in Grantsville, WV 1/20/2008
Maxine Elliottasdasds 12/11/1928 in Grantsville, WV 2/11/2007
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