Merle Mottice


Personal Information

Merle Mottice
Name Merle Clayton Mottice
Birth 10/4/1919
Death 1/27/1995 in Spring Hill, FL
ProfessionBusiness owner
CompanyFounder and owner of Caspar and Mottice Carpet
LocationCanton, OH
Event 1Served In WWII in the Pacific theatre
Event 2Awarded medal for service during the Battle of Guam
Bio NotesMarried Lou Urban; daughter Susan; second wife Marie Surbey


Name Birth Death
Mary Motticeasdasds 2/15/1918 1/9/2000
Marion Motticeasdasds 11/3/1910 in Canton 11/3/1989
Donald Motticeasdasds 9/29/1905 6/5/1963
Arnold Motticeasdasds 3/30/1907 10/8/1989
Helen Greinasdasds 7/15/1912 6/17/1988
Ruth Motticeasdasds 7/6/1908 in North Industry, OH 9/11/1999
Robert Motticeasdasds 10/8/1916 in North Industry, OH 9/28/2003
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