Mary Sibert


Personal Information

Mary Sibert
Name Mary Mottice (née Sibert Headley)
Birth 1/6/1789
Death 1/22/1846
HusbandPeter Mottice (9/17/1826 - )
Event2nd wife of Peter Mottice; married him 9/17/1826
Bio NotesIn editions of the 1825 Stark Co. Register, Peter Mottice and Mary Sibert are listed as co-administrators of the estate of a John Sibert. According to other family trees on, John Sibert (also spelled "Seibert) was Mary's husband and her previous name was Mary Headley. They were evidently married about 1812 and had several children.


Name Birth Death
James Motticeasdasds 6/15/1832 in Sandy Township, OH 12/7/1886


Name Birth Death
Sarah Marksasdasds 5/9/1832 7/11/1896


Name Birth Death
Sarah Motticeasdasds 1816 in Stark Co., OH 4/5/1880
Mahala Motticeasdasds 1805 1835
Abigail Motticeasdasds 1799 in PA 1858
Margaret Motticeasdasds 1795 in Western PA near Washington?ABT 2/13/1818
John Motticeasdasds 2/22/1800 in PA 8/14/1878
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