Margaret Mottice Creighton


**Update:  John Creighton descendant George Farris has provided much-needed information about the early Creighton-Mottice relationships.  Some of the questions in the bio notes below are answered by George’s research.  Here are the key points:

  • Margaret’s husband John was the son of John and Margaret Hewitt Creighton.  They had five children, three of whom remained in the Waynesburg area: John Creighton, Jr. , Anne Creighton and James Creighton.  John Creighton, Jr. married Margaret Mottice.  Accordingly, I have altered references of Margaret Mottice’s husband in this website to John Creighton, Jr. so as not to be confused with his father.
  • There is a death notice on 13 Feb 1818 in the Ohio Repository that the wife of John Creighton of Waynesburg had died.  Although Margaret is not mentioned by her given name, it must be her as the wife of the elder John Creighton is still alive until around 1832.  Accordingly, I have changed the death date for Margaret on this post and throughout the website.
  • My reference in the bio notes below that Margaret was still alive in 1823, according to the Waynesburg Presbyterian Church records, must therefore refer to her mother-in-law married to John Creighton, Sr.
  • After Margaret’s death, John Creighton, Jr. did indeed marry her sister, Abigail Mottice.

Personal Information

Margaret Mottice Creighton
Name Margaret Creighton (née Mottice)
Birth 1795 in Western PA near Washington?
DeathABT 2/13/1818 in Sandy Twp., OH
HusbandJohn Creighton, Jr. (11/29/1816 - )
Event 1Birth date of 1795 is a guess based on marriage date of 1816.
Event 2**Updated: See notes above -- death notice in Ohio Repository on 2/13/1818** Death date still unknown. I previously thought that she died and her husband married her sister Abigail in 1821. But I found a church record that refers to her in 1823 as still the wife of John Creighton.
Event 3Marriage announcement in Ohio Repository, Dec. 5, 1816: "Married -- On Friday last, Mr. John Creighton, to Miss Margaret Mottice, daughter of Mr. Peter Mottice, all of Sandy Township"
Bio Notes**Updated: See notes above** Wife of John Creighton, son of Peter Mottice's friend. Her sister Abigail marries a John Creighton, but this must be a different John Creighton as the Waynesburg church records still indicate Margaret is alive and married to John Creighton in 1823.


Name Birth Death
Sarah Motticeasdasds 1816 in Stark Co., OH 4/5/1880
Mahala Motticeasdasds 1805 1835
Abigail Motticeasdasds 1799 in PA 1858
John Motticeasdasds 2/22/1800 in PA 8/14/1878


Name Birth Death
James Motticeasdasds 6/15/1832 in Sandy Township, OH 12/7/1886
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