Manly Collins


Personal Information

Manly Collins
NameManly Collins
Birth 1814
Death 1853
WifeMary Elliott
EventChildren: Daniel (b. 1837), Sarah (b. 1839), Louisa (b. 1841), Benjamin (b. 1844), Elizabeth (b. 1847), and Mary (b. 1850)
Bio NotesFrom Minnie Kendall Lowther's 'History of Ritchie Co., WV': "Manly Collins and his wife, Mrs. Mary Elliott Collins, were the first settlers on Lamb’s run after the Elliott family, they having built their cabin where Emery Tibbs now lives. Mrs. Collins survived until a few years since, when she passed away at a ripe old age, and was laid at rest in the Cunningham burying-ground, near Malone. Mr. Collins was the son of Mrs. Mary Collins, who spent her last hours on Slab Creek, and a brother of Chainey Collins, of Smithville; of Pheve Smith, late wife of Aaron Smith of Smith’s chapel; and of John Collins, of Wirt County, all of whom have passed on."
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