Mahala Mottice


Personal Information

Mahala Mottice
NameMahala Mottice
Birth 1805
Death 1835
HusbandThomas Davis
Event 1Married Thomas Davis on 5/11/1828
Event 2Children: Elizabeth
Bio NotesBirth and death dates for Mahala are guesses; only information about her is a baptismal reference at the Waynesburg Presbyterian Church and record of marriage to Thomas Davis.


Name Birth Death
Sarah Motticeasdasds 1816 in Stark Co., OH 4/5/1880
Abigail Motticeasdasds 1799 in PA 1858
Margaret Motticeasdasds 1795 in Western PA near Washington?ABT 2/13/1818
John Motticeasdasds 2/22/1800 in PA 8/14/1878


Name Birth Death
James Motticeasdasds 6/15/1832 in Sandy Township, OH 12/7/1886


Name Birth Death
Elizabeth Davisasdasds 1834Deceased
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