Magdalina Dieringer


Personal Information

Magdalina Dieringer
Name Magdalina Kern (née Dieringer)
Birth 9/9/1811
Death 1892
HusbandJoseph Kern
Event 1Immigrated to America in May 1847 with parents and 2 siblings, plus husband Joseph Kern and 5 children.
Event 2The immigrants left Rangendingen because of hard times, due to crop failures for several years, and traveled 150 miles by covered wagon to Amsterdam and to Antwerp, Holland by boat, then across the Atlantic by boat to New York which voyage took over 40 days. there they met with further difficulties before being able to land, as there the captain of the boat made his escape to avoid being arrested for violation of sanitary rules and for carrying passengers in excess of the ship's capacity. From New York they went up the Hudson River to Albany, and thence to Cleveland and down the Ohio Canal to Zoar.
Event 3Children: Carolina, Ottila, Fidele, Leo, Carl, and Joseph
Bio NotesJoseph Kern and family remained in Zoar where he worked at his trade as a cooper, and here another child was born to them. He died Spetember 16, 1849, leaving his widow with a family of six small children. Upon invitation of Joseph M. Bimeler, founder of Zoar, she became a member of that community, first on probation and afterwards joined the Zoarites and rose to the highest rank of membership, which she enjoyed until the time of her death in January 1892. For a hundred years this communist colony existed without a divorce or a crime, and although the property was divided about 25 years ago among its 222 members, yet many landmarks of interest exist there today.


Name Birth Death
Prizila Dieringerasdasds 5/6/1827 in Rangendingen, GermanyDeceased
Felizitas Dieringerasdasds 5/29/1824Deceased
Katharina Dieringerasdasds 7/17/1816 in Rangendingen, Germany 11/30/1888
Xaver Dieringerasdasds 12/23/1812 in Rangendingen, Germany 5/10/1885
Mathaus Dieringerasdasds 11/21/1819 8/18/1898


Name Birth Death
Leo Kernasdasds 1842 in Wuertenburg, Germany 1921
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