John Elliott


Doddridge Country Roots — John Elliott has John’s birth date as 1817 rather than 1811.

The Elliott and Lowther families are joined in several marriages at this time.  John married Lydia Lowther, daughter of Jesse Coburn Lowther and Phebe Cunningham.  Another Lowther daughter, Barbara Susana, married John’s brother, Jacob.

In addition, a sister of John and Jacob — Elizabeth — married a Lowther, according to Maxine (Elliott) Mottice.  Although the links are not definite, her husband appears to be John G. J. Lowther, a son of Jesse and Phebe Lowther.

Personal Information

John Elliott
Name John Elliott
Birth 2/22/1811
Death 12/18/1884 in Ritchie Co., WV
WifeLydia Lowther


Name Birth Death
Henry Elliottasdasds 3/17/1822 in Lewis Co., VA 1908
Washington Elliottasdasds 4/27/1820ABT 1900
Mary Elliottasdasds 5/21/1818 1853
Elizabeth Elliottasdasds 5/31/1816Deceased
Benjamin Elliottasdasds 6/26/1814Deceased
Sarah Elliottasdasds 10/5/1812Deceased
Jacob Elliottasdasds 7/16/1809Deceased
Jabez Elliott, Jr.asdasds 9/28/1826 in Lewis Co., VA 1917
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