John Creighton, Jr.


**See updated notes at Margaret Mottice.

John, Jr.’s parents were John and Margaret Hewitt Creighton.

Upon Margaret’s death, John, Jr. does indeed marry her sister, Abigail Mottice.

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Personal Information

John Creighton, Jr.
Name John Creighton, Jr.
Wife 1Margaret Mottice Creighton (11/29/1816 - )
Wife 2Abigail Mottice Creighton (6/28/1821 - )
EventMarried Margaret Mottice in 1816; a John Creighton also marries Margaret's sister Abigail in 1821.
Bio NotesEarly Stark Co. historical records describe a John Creighton as an early pioneer and good friend of Peter Mottice. This friend of Peter's could be the father of the John who marries Margaret Mottice.
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