Jasper Lafayett Elliott


Personal Information

Jasper Lafayett Elliott
Name Jasper Lafayett Elliott
Birth 8/11/1868 in Pine Creek, Calhoun Co., WV
Death 10/28/1950 in Grantsville, WV
WifeRoseanna Stevens
Bio Notes"Uncle Jas" and "Aunt Rose" lived in southside Grantsville, perhaps at the time Grandpa (Bernard) Elliott returned from the war and settled down. Mom (Maxine Elliott) said that [her mother] Goldie Reip, who lived up on the West Fork, came to live with Uncle Jas and his wife in order to go to high school in Grantsville. It would have been impossible for her to commute every day from the West Fork. It is at this time, Mom believes, when Goldie was living with Grandpa's uncle, that he and Goldie got to know one another and eventually married.


Name Birth Death
Izetta Elliottasdasds 7/19/1963 
Frances Elliottasdasds 11/30/1859 1937
Lindsay Elliottasdasds 3/20/1858 in Calhoun Co., WV 9/3/1899
Columbus Elliottasdasds 11/5/1865 in Mt. Zion, Calhoun Co., WV 2/3/1935
Charles Elliottasdasds 5/30/1866 in Gilmer Co., Virgina 11/19/1914
John Elliottasdasds 11/24/1854 7/21/1937
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