James W. Mottice


Personal Information

James W. Mottice
Name James W. Mottice
Birth 9/15/1835 in Indian Run Valley, Stark Co., OH
Death 6/12/1893 in Sandy Twp., OH from consumption, according to the "Record of deaths, Stark Co., OH"
WifeLouisa Marker (10/19/1857 - )
Event 1Married to Louisa Marker
Event 2Children: John Calvin (b. 1859), Elmer, Catherine, William H. (b. 1862), Almira (Ollie, b. 1861) and Cora Mathilda (Tillie)
Event 3Served as Pvt. in Civil War from 5-2-1864 to 9-4-1864 (Bob Mottice notes)
Bio NotesBuried, along with wife Louisa, at "White Church, Indian Run" (row 15, old section nearest church) or Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery, Osnaburg according to Donna Bott. Inscription reads "GAR Co. 1 -- 132 O Vol Inf"


Name Birth Death
Nancy Motticeasdasds 2/18/1847 7/28/1881
Kinsley Motticeasdasds 2/5/1846 4/6/1887
Milton Motticeasdasds 1844 in Osnaburg, OH 6/14/1888
Louisa Motticeasdasds 12/26/1831 1/1/1895
Peter Motticeasdasds 7/9/1829 11/22/1857
William Motticeasdasds 1841 2/8/1880
Abigail Motticeasdasds 10/4/1833 in Sandy Township, OH 10/9/1914
Calvin Motticeasdasds 7/13/1839 11/20/1857
John Motticeasdasds 7/23/1838 in Sandy Township, OH 5/4/1906
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