James Thomas Mottice


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James Thomas Mottice
Name James Thomas Mottice
Birth 1740 in France
DeathABT 1776 in PA
EventCharles D. Mottice believed that Peter Mottice's mother's maiden name was "Blanchfield," which accounts for the middle name of Peter's grandson Charles, and allegedly the "B." in John B. Mottice, Peter's son.
Bio NotesBelieved to be the father of Peter Mottice, but there is no direct evidence for this


Name Birth Death
Jean-Marie Motticeasdasds 1763 in FranceDeceased
Peter Motticeasdasds 1/17/1772 in Morris County, NJON 6/7/1855


Name Birth Death
Mary Sibert Headleyasdasds 1/6/1789 1/22/1846
Pheby unknownasdasds 11/23/1777 in PAABT 8/25/1825


Name Birth Death
John Creighton, Jr.asdasds   
Catherine Grossasdasds 03/06/1837ON 4/24/1901
Elizabeth Cachelasdasds 9/30/1810 in Pennsylvania, according to the 1870 census; Virginia in the 1880 census 10/7/1885


Name Birth Death
Sarah Motticeasdasds 1816 in Stark Co., OH 4/5/1880
Mahala Motticeasdasds 1805 1835
Abigail Motticeasdasds 1799 in PA 1858
James Motticeasdasds 6/15/1832 in Sandy Township, OH 12/7/1886
Margaret Motticeasdasds 1795 in Western PA near Washington?ABT 2/13/1818
John Motticeasdasds 2/22/1800 in PA 8/14/1878


Name Birth Death
Nancy Motticeasdasds 2/18/1847 7/28/1881
Kinsley Motticeasdasds 2/5/1846 4/6/1887
Milton Motticeasdasds 1844 in Osnaburg, OH 6/14/1888
Louisa Motticeasdasds 12/26/1831 1/1/1895
Peter Motticeasdasds 7/9/1829 11/22/1857
James Motticeasdasds 9/15/1835 in Indian Run Valley, Stark Co., OH 6/12/1893
Elizabeth Davisasdasds 1834Deceased
William Motticeasdasds 1841 2/8/1880
Abigail Motticeasdasds 10/4/1833 in Sandy Township, OH 10/9/1914
Calvin Motticeasdasds 7/13/1839 11/20/1857
John Motticeasdasds 7/23/1838 in Sandy Township, OH 5/4/1906


Name Birth Death
R. Birchard Motticeasdasds 1875 in Waynesburg, OHABT 1923
William Motticeasdasds 4/14/1870 10/21/1923
James Motticeasdasds 12/1/1879 in Waynesburg, OH 1957
Corah Motticeasdasds 1877 in Waynesburg, OHDeceased
Loretta Motticeasdasds 8/18/1873 in Waynesburg, OH 9/19/1937
Grant Motticeasdasds 12/6/1865 in Waynesburg, OH 03/09/1938
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