James Garfield Mottice


Personal Information

James Garfield Mottice
Name James Garfield Mottice
Birth 12/1/1879 in Waynesburg, OH
Death 1957
Event 1Married Lucy Ann Snyder
Event 2Children: Homer McKinley (b. 1900), Mildred Amerla (b. 1904), Marvin Abada (b. 1906), Stanley Forest (b. 1911), and Kenneth Shane (b. 1917)
Bio NotesKnown as "Uncle Butch." Lived on a farm north of Waynesburg on Rt. 43 toward Indian Run.


Name Birth Death
R. Birchard Motticeasdasds 1875 in Waynesburg, OHABT 1923
William Motticeasdasds 4/14/1870 10/21/1923
Corah Motticeasdasds 1877 in Waynesburg, OHDeceased
Loretta Motticeasdasds 8/18/1873 in Waynesburg, OH 9/19/1937
Grant Motticeasdasds 12/6/1865 in Waynesburg, OH 03/09/1938
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