Henry Elliott


Personal Information

Henry Elliott
Name Henry Elliott
Birth 1750 in Ireland?
DeathBEF 3/21/1818
WifeSarah Ryland
EventBirth and death dates, along with location are conjecture. There is evidence that Henry served in the Revolution and lived most, if not all of his life in the New York area.
Bio NotesHenry's wife Sarah marries Nicholas Ryland in 1812, but we don't know if that is because Henry is dead or divorced. We know he is dead by 1828 as a land transfer document in Clarksburg, WV attests his land passing to his son, Jabez and witnessed by his mother Sarah Ryland.


Name Birth Death
Richard Elliottasdasds 1780Deceased
Willam Elliottasdasds 1777Deceased
Charles Elliottasdasds 1792 1869
Jabez Elliottasdasds 1775 in Ireland? 12/14/1841


Name Birth Death
Elizabeth Wignerasdasds 1779 1875


Name Birth Death
Henry Elliottasdasds 3/17/1822 in Lewis Co., VA 1908
Washington Elliottasdasds 4/27/1820ABT 1900
Mary Elliottasdasds 5/21/1818 1853
Elizabeth Elliottasdasds 5/31/1816Deceased
Benjamin Elliottasdasds 6/26/1814Deceased
Sarah Elliottasdasds 10/5/1812Deceased
John Elliottasdasds 2/22/1811 12/18/1884
Jacob Elliottasdasds 7/16/1809Deceased
Jabez Elliott, Jr.asdasds 9/28/1826 in Lewis Co., VA 1917


Name Birth Death
William Elliottasdasds 1840AFT 1925
Mahala Elliottasdasds 10/3/1850 11/19/1915
Izetta Elliottasdasds 7/19/1963 
Frances Elliottasdasds 11/30/1859 1937
Lindsay Elliottasdasds 3/20/1858 in Calhoun Co., WV 9/3/1899
Columbus Elliottasdasds 11/5/1865 in Mt. Zion, Calhoun Co., WV 2/3/1935
Charles Elliottasdasds 5/30/1866 in Gilmer Co., Virgina 11/19/1914
Jasper Elliottasdasds 8/11/1868 in Pine Creek, Calhoun Co., WV 10/28/1950
John Elliottasdasds 11/24/1854 7/21/1937


Name Birth Death
Verna Elliottasdasds 1893 1989
Florence Elliottasdasds 1884 1979
Roxy Elliottasdasds 1878 1965
Alva Elliottasdasds 1876 1956
Oley Elliottasdasds 1886 1965
Watson Elliottasdasds 1881 1976
Millie Elliottasdasds 1891 1976
Roseanna Stevensasdasds 1868 1956
Bernard Elliottasdasds 5/26/1888 in Sycamore, WV 3/8/1968
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