Felizitas Dieringer


Personal Information

Felizitas Dieringer
Name Felizitas Dieringer
Birth 5/29/1824
Bio NotesFelizitas remained in Germany with her sisters Katharina and Prizila after the rest of her family emigrated to America. She is believed to have married and had a family in Rangendingen.


Name Birth Death
Prizila Dieringerasdasds 5/6/1827 in Rangendingen, GermanyDeceased
Katharina Dieringerasdasds 7/17/1816 in Rangendingen, Germany 11/30/1888
Xaver Dieringerasdasds 12/23/1812 in Rangendingen, Germany 5/10/1885
Magdalina Dieringerasdasds 9/9/1811 1892
Mathaus Dieringerasdasds 11/21/1819 8/18/1898
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