Elizabeth Elliott


Personal Information

Elizabeth Elliott
Name Elizabeth Lowther (née Elliott)
Birth 5/31/1816
EventMarried to a Mr. Lowther, possibly John G. J. Lowther.
Bio NotesMaxine Elliott Mottice says that the Mr. Lowther Elizabeth married was a relative of Minnie Kendall Lowther, author of "A History of Ritchie Co., WV"


Name Birth Death
Henry Elliottasdasds 3/17/1822 in Lewis Co., VA 1908
Washington Elliottasdasds 4/27/1820ABT 1900
Mary Elliottasdasds 5/21/1818 1853
Benjamin Elliottasdasds 6/26/1814Deceased
Sarah Elliottasdasds 10/5/1812Deceased
John Elliottasdasds 2/22/1811 12/18/1884
Jacob Elliottasdasds 7/16/1809Deceased
Jabez Elliott, Jr.asdasds 9/28/1826 in Lewis Co., VA 1917
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