Donald K. Mottice


Personal Information

Donald K. Mottice
Name Donald Kinsley Mottice
Birth 9/29/1905
Death 6/5/1963 in Akron, OH
ProfessionPharmaceutical sales
LocationAkron, OH
Event 1Married to Gladys Pender
Event 2Children: William and Michelle
Bio NotesBuried at Greenlawn Memorial Park


Name Birth Death
Mary Motticeasdasds 2/15/1918 1/9/2000
Marion Motticeasdasds 11/3/1910 in Canton 11/3/1989
Arnold Motticeasdasds 3/30/1907 10/8/1989
Helen Greinasdasds 7/15/1912 6/17/1988
Ruth Motticeasdasds 7/6/1908 in North Industry, OH 9/11/1999
Merle Motticeasdasds 10/4/1919 1/27/1995
Robert Motticeasdasds 10/8/1916 in North Industry, OH 9/28/2003
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