Christoph Dieringer


Personal Information

Christoph Dieringer
Name Christoph Dieringer
BirthThuringen, Germany
WifeKatherina Smith
Bio NotesChristoph and his wife Katharina are the first recorded Dieringers from a church register in Rangendingen, Gernany. They were probably born around 1730.


Name Birth Death
Xaverius Dieringerasdasds 11/18/1756 in Thuringen, GermanyDeceased


Name Birth Death
Lucia Gressasdasds 10/13/1756 in Thuringen, GermanyDeceased


Name Birth Death
Jackobus Dieringerasdasds 7/27/1801Deceased
Vaverius Dieringerasdasds 8/9/1797 in Rangendingen, GermanyDeceased
Katharina Dieringerasdasds 7/11/1795 in Rangendingen, GermanyDeceased
Ursula Dieringerasdasds 10/3/1793 in Rangendingen, GermanyDeceased
Hironimus Dieringerasdasds 5/18/1791 in Rangendingen, GermanyDeceased
Leo Dieringerasdasds 5/5/1782 in Thuringen, GermanyDeceased


Name Birth Death
Prizila Dieringerasdasds 5/6/1827 in Rangendingen, GermanyDeceased
Felizitas Dieringerasdasds 5/29/1824Deceased
Katharina Dieringerasdasds 7/17/1816 in Rangendingen, Germany 11/30/1888
Xaver Dieringerasdasds 12/23/1812 in Rangendingen, Germany 5/10/1885
Magdalina Dieringerasdasds 9/9/1811 1892
Mathaus Dieringerasdasds 11/21/1819 8/18/1898


Name Birth Death
Leo Kernasdasds 1842 in Wuertenburg, Germany 1921
Andrew Dieringerasdasds 11/30/1843 2/11/1918
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