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This updated site is a collection of genealogical information, photos, and other family history regarding the Mottice, Dieringer, Elliott, and Reip families.  The connection between them is the late Bob and Maxine Mottice of Smithville, OH.  Bob's mother was a Dieringer, Maxine's father an Elliott, and her mother a Reip.  

The information contained in the site comes largely from the compilation of material that was in their possession.  As a result, it is neither exhaustive nor authoritative about any of these families.  The contents reflect my interest in sharing what Bob and Maxine accumulated with family and anyone else, and also to provide an opportunity for those with additional photos, documents, or other information to do likewise.

This site represents a significant re-working of an older version of the site, both in terms of presentation and of site navigation.  Site navigation is now centered around people so that it is easier to find information about a specific individual.  Photos and images — over 1500 at present —  including images of documents, are now clustered in "Galleries" so that visitors who are more interested in browsing though them can do so more quickly.  Effective touring of the site probably includes some combination of people searching, post viewing filtered by type of post, and especially browsing the image galleries as this is where most of the newer content is likely to be found.

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I hope this new site is interesting and valuable.  If you have family history information about any of these families that is not currently on the site, please contact me so that the site can be updated. 


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