Aug 282015

Here is a PDF image of Abigail Mottice Creighton‘s estate at her death in 1858 (courtesy George Farris).

Abigail Creighton Estate, 1858

I have not gone through this record in great detail (slogging through old handwriting is slow going), but here are a few observations so far:

  • Her sister Sarah requests Abigail’s administrators in a note dated May 19, 1858.  Sarah’s mark is on this note, which means that she did not actually pen the note.  I find this curious — from the perspective of the present time — that the daughter of as prominent a man as Peter Mottice was unable to write.
  • Those administrators are Sarah and Abigail’s brothers, John and James B. Mottice.
  • Several real estate tax payments are included in this list as made by Peter Mottice.  These receipts cover the years 1858-1860.  Neither Peters from this era that I know of — Abigail’s father and nephew (John’s son) — are alive at this time, however.  Peter the elder died in 1855 while Peter the younger died in 1857.
  • A payment of $24 was made from the estate in 1860 for tombstones.  I have not found any evidence of those tombstones to date.