Jun 102012

My father's (Robert Neal Mottice) childhood recollections describe being born in a "little farm house near North Industry" in 1916.  Several years later he speaks of the family moving to Waynesburg:

"The Mottice family moved to Waynesburg in 1920, and lived in what is now known as Frank Miller property on S. Main Street.  The home at the time was owned by my Grandmother and Grandfather Dieringer."

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Mar 262012

William (Will) Dieringer (1870-1940) was the brother of Frances Dieringer, wife of Grant Mottice.  His father was Andrew Dieringer and mother was Katharina Stroble.  This photo album was in the possession of my father, Robert Mottice.  I suspect it came to him by way of his sister, Ruth Mottice Garster, after Frances Dieringer Mottice passed away.

The album is in excellent shape for being somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 years old.  The photos are very high quality, most having been taken at the J.M. Jenks studio in Waynesburg, OH.  The oldest photo in this album is of William's father Andrew as a young boy.  Since Andrew was born in 1843, the photo probably dates to around 1850.

Mar 252012

Frances Dieringer was the daughter of Andrew Dieringer and Mary Holshoy, and later wife to Grant Mottice.

She was 8th of 12 Dieringer children, ten of whom were girls. Of her 9 sisters, six were older than she. She was born in Waynesburg and lived there most of her life. In the 1950s (perhaps earlier), she moved to Canton with her daughter, Ruth, after Ruth's husband Verle Garster died.

She married Grant Mottice in 1903, and they had 8 children before he died in 1938. In the last year(s) of her life, she lived in a nursing home in Canton. This photo of her was probably taken in the late 1950s or early 1960s, and is probably at Ruth's house in Canton.

She is buried, along with Grant, at Waynesburg Cemetery.

Mar 232012

Mary Holshoy was born and baptised in 1844.  The writing on this certificate is old and faded, written in German, and very hard to read.  The date, however, is clearly indicated as 1844, and that the event occurred in Ohio. The first attached image is a photo of the entire certificate. The second is an enlarged scan of only the personal information that has been filled in on the certificate.

Mary was later confirmed in 1862.  This certificate of confirmation is also written in German, though recorded in Ohio. The name of the county is illegible (probably Tuscarawas) as is the month in which the confirmation took place. Her name as spelled on the document is Maria Holshoi.

Mar 222012

Here is a baptismal document of some sort, dated November 17, 1872 and written in German that I cannot translate because of the elaborate script.

It refers to "the two spouses" Andreas [Andrew] Dieringer and his "fine wife" who was born "Maria Holzhey", then in large letters "_urde geboren" followed by the date in 1872 and the location in Waynesburg, OH. "Geboren" means "born" in German, but the first letter of "_urde" I cannot decipher and cannot translate.


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Mar 212012

Much of what I know of the Diering family comes from a pamphlet entitled "Brief Historical Sketch of the Dieringer Family" by John Wiest and H.J. Dieringer. It traces the family back to a location in what is now the area of Baden-Württemberg in Germany. The date of this writing is uncertain. It mentions a church register there from the sixteenth century, but the first names in this pamphlet are from the 18th century.   Frances Dieringer was the daughter of Andrew Dieringer, the great-great-grandson of Christoph Dieringer identified in this pamphlet, whose contents appear below:

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